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USA 2010

ACROSS CANADA IN A MOTORHOME 2010, Alberta to Labrador (we did British Columbia in 1999) plus Upstate New York (across the Niagara River and back into Canada) & Maine in the USA in 2010, we did Florida with the Boys way back in 1997

5 Days travel in the USA - 14th-15th June Plus 4th-5th July 2010, 82 Photos, Approximately 538 miles covering Maine & Upstate New York. By 2020 we have been to the following states - Florida, Maine, New York, California, South Carolina, New Orleans, Montana

Upstate New York Cherries, Yummy

Here is a HIGHLIGHT movie culled from the talkies movies we have here on the site following this movie. It was created in response to You Tube telling us that the very early movie from 2010 trip where there was a thumbnail overlay screen may be in error due to You Tube processing issues pre March 2020. On investigating we found no such issues but decided as we had up ended that movie to create a more up to date one, created and uploaded by KeefH Web Designs in November 2023 (KHWD), enjoy. The total movie is almost 2.5 minutes long and covers Upstate New York and Maine only.

America the Talkies
The Audiobook
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