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HOLIDAY 2010 SUMMARY for this Travel Blog

ACROSS CANADA IN A MOTORHOME 2010, Alberta to Labrador (we did British Columbia in 1999) Plus NY & Maine in the USA

92 Days travel - 18th May - 24th July 2010, 1769 Photos, Approximately 4200 miles

This is the HOLIDAY 2010 summary page for our holiday in a motorhome in 2010 enabling us to travel right across CANADA , West to East, British Columbia to Labrador. It shows the route planned and achieved, the calendars of what we did when, timeline for the photographs and a complete slideshow of images. The timeline is taken from the images we took on our then state of the art Canon Powershot G7 camera which recorded for prosperity both the date and the locations to and from in those Canadian Provinces as well as the 2 states in the US we popped over into basically to get back into Canada from Niagara town, both Canadian and US sides. #greatfun #greatviews

routes 2010
Timeline Etc
Route Map
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